Ph Test Strips for Urine or Saliva #Review

O'health-Test-Strips-Ph-Urine-and-SalivaHola, my readers!

On today ‘s product review, it will be on the Ph Test Strips for Urine or Saliva. This product comes in a nice and small packaging box, and the item is made out of a clear plastic with a seal lid. This helps the strips from getting dirty or wet. The box comes with a total of 100 testing strips, and they are made out of a high quality paper.


As we know  that a person who has a body that is acidic, will experience poor performance of their body, and cannot function accordingly. This is why we all know that we must stay away from processed foods, foods high in sugar, simple carbs like white bread, & fatty meat and eat more healthier such as consuming more fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins such as beans and drinking plenty of water.


So, being able to know your Ph levels before taking any kind of medication is the best choice you can make,when it comes to your health. This can help you feel better.

The Ph Test Strips is very easy to use and read. It is a good source to have whenever you wish to find out your Ph levels, so you can start off making good choices when it comes to changing your diet. It can be use for both saliva and urine, giving you fast results. This way it can help you to determine if your body is too acidic or too alkaline.

Overall, I recommend having a Ph Test Strip box at home, this way whenever you wish to find out how your Ph levels are doing before taking any kind of medication. This is the best choice you can make, when it comes to your health.

If your pH is too acidic it can cause:
✔ Energy drain, headaches and indigestion
✔ Bone degeneration
✔ Muscle loss
✔ Insulin sensitivity that results in weight gain and increased risk for diabetes
If your pH is too alkaline it can cause:
✔ Nerve and joint pain
✔ Arthritis
✔ Insomnia
✔ Body stiffness

If your interested on purchasing the O’health Ph Test Strips for Urine and Saliva, this is available at Amazon. #PhTestStripforUrineorSaliva

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Tomoson website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.