#KlipPro Nail Nipper Review

The KlipPro ToeNail Nipper is 5″ long with a 1″ blade and 91-mmVhR76L._SL1500_is great for thick nails, ingrown nails or deformed nails. The top of the blades are slightly curved to contour around nails. These nail nipper are very easy to use and simple to disinfect.

The KlipPro Nail Nipper is made with high quality stainless-steel, making it a durable product that won’t get rusted. It comes with a plastic tip cover that locks blades keeping them secure, safe as well as sanitary for your next use. The spring inside the nipper helps it to open and close with more ease, giving you a better control when clipping your nails. They even give you a nice clean cut of your nails as well. They can be use for both finger nails and toenails.


The nice curved blades with its sharp tips helps you get between the cuticle and nail area – giving you good results when cutting those ingrown nails. It can also be use for the cuticle area, by using the point edge, you just gently push back the cuticle with either a cuticle pusher or use a Q-tip this will reveal any excess cuticle that can safely be removed. Keep in mind not to pull, because this can cause to break that seal between the non-living cuticle tissue with the new one, causing it to bleed and could lead to infection.

Overall, I will definitely say this product does its job pretty well. The large handle can fit comfortable in any size hand and is not heavy at all.

If your interested on purchasing the  KlipPro ToeNail Nipper, this is available at Amazon.

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