Cedarwood & Bergamot Essential Oils by Simply Earth Review

simply-earthDuring my college years – early 2001 to be exact, it was the time when I started getting into essential oils. I use to attend yoga classes, and my yoga instructor was the one who got me into it. Ever since that day forward I’ve started to enjoy using essential oils. It’s why I must admit that I feel pretty fortunate to have been given the opportunity to try and review Simply Earth Essential Oils.

All of their 100% essential oils comes in a 15 mL dark amber color glass bottle -that helps to protect the oil from the rays of the sun, along with a strong lid that can be twist. It avoids for it to have any spills just in case you wish to carry it inside your purse. One of the things I really like about this bottle, that I notice not all essential oils have, is their pour spout. By just removing the lid and tipping the bottle – you are able to control the amount of drops. Do keep in mind, all of these essential oils need to be diluted to avoid skin irritation.


Cedarwood 100% Essential Oil : the thing I truly like about this essential oil is the scent of fresh cut wood it has – I do admit its a really concentrated smell that may not be pleasant to all. I use the cedarwood along with a carry oil such as olive oil or coconut oil, to help keep my skin soft and hydrated during the cold weather. It is known to have great benefits such as helping to support and maintain healthy respiratory function, restores the skin quickly making it clear and more healthy looking and it is also use for massaging which helps you to relax.


Bergamot 100% Essential Oil : When I first smelled this oil I was able to pick-up both the spicy & citrus. However, I do find it to be slightly strong and unpleasant when you smell it right from the bottle, but when added to my diffuser it smells pretty fresh and not so strong. The Bergamot Essential Oil is know to have a powerful antiseptic and antibiotic and can be use for both hair and skin – helping to remove bacteria from your skin and hair. I added a few drops into my jojoba oil and I truly like how it left my hair smelling freshly clean during the day – while giving it a boost of shine to it as well. I haven’t experience any irritation on my scalp.

The Bergamot oil is also known to have stimulating and relaxing properties that acted as a natural anti-depressant. One of the things I’ve learned from reading the label on the bottle and searching online – is that the essential oil actually comes from peels of the yellow fruit that the tree naturally produces. To my surprise, I remember seeing the plant, but never knew about its use and benefits – until now.

Overall, I recommend the use of Simply Earth Essential Oil for all of its great benefits when treating other conditions. Simply Earth offers a 100% money back guarantee and they also donate 7.5% of every purchased to a predetermined monthly charity.

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