#Meterteck Digital Multimeter Review

This Digital Multimeter by Meterteck comes nicely pack with a clear protective plastic seal around it. The box contains one Meterteck MT-001 Digital Multimeter, one 9V Battery 6F22 Pre-installed already, 2 pairs of Test Leads, a user manual (English), an E-book (English) and a one-time 1 Year Warranty. The things that my husband and I like about this digital multimeter, besides its multi-function, was how light weight it is and its backlight feature – great when working under low lightening areas making it easier to read.


We were able to use it on our rented house wall outlet ( which is an old home) and the way the electricity was install it has its issues. Some of our appliances will either not get enough power or will cause them to get over heat. So, receiving this multimeter came in pretty handy because it has helped us obtain an accurate diagnose when it comes to a circuit problem – while saving us money as well. Plus, it comes with a stand on the back, making it easier to set it aside while using the cables.


Overall, I find this Digital Multimeter to be both accurate and sturdy. Great quality. I highly recommend it.

If interested on purchasing the Digital Multimeter by Meterteck, this is available at Amazon.