Grey Fleece Rain Boot Liner Socks for Girls and Boys (Toddler/Little Kid) by Lans Review today’s product review it will be on the Grey Fleece Rain Boot Liner Socks for Girls and Boys (Toddler/Little Kid) by Lans. These grey fleece liner socks come in x-Small usually fits size 3-5 US infant / small toddler boots, small usually fits size 5-7 US toddler boots, the medium usually fits size 8-10 US boots for preschoolers and large usually fits size 10-11.5 US boots for Kindergartens. These boot liners can fit any 6-7 inch (15 cm to 18 cm) tall kid’s rain boots.

My first impression when I saw these grey fleece liner socks was how adorable and soft they are. My two boys love the boot liners so much they take turn using it. One detail I did notice was when my boys tried them out was that it fitted pretty big on my 3 yr old compared to my 6 yr old son. When I placed my order, my intention was for a preschooler, but it end up running slightly larger than his shoe size & age. Meanwhile, when I tried it on my 6 yr old the liner fit just right – leaving him enough space for him to still wiggle his toes.


As a mother, I really like how they added the ” right & left ” feature to the boot liner cuff (puppy ear) which helps youngsters to learn the difference – while still managing to wear them correctly. This is a big plus because it helps your child to learn and become independent when putting on their own boot liner without assistance. Lans grey liners are gender neutral, so you can pass them down to another child. When it comes to the price, I do find them to be a bit pricey – other than that they feel comfortable told by my two sons. Just wish they had more selections to pick from.

Overall, I highly recommend these Lans boot liners for its great quality and softness. These liners will become any child’s favourite item to wear with their boots.

If interested on purchasing the Grey Fleece Rain Boot Liner Socks for Girls and Boys (Toddler/Little Kid) by Lans, this is available at Amazon.