1byone Multi-Function Smart Portable Car Jump Starter Review


The 1byone 9000mAh 12V Multi-Function Smart Portable Car Jump Starter Powerbank for Smartphones and Digital Devices, is a gadget that is truly worth owning. The product arrives in a nice strong black plastic carrying case that allows you to easily carry around. Every piece has a pleasant layout making it easy & simple to see where everything goes before putting it away after you are finished with it.

http://www.neliasproductreview.com/1byone-multi-function-smart-portable-car-jump-starter-review/In front of the device you will find the LED percentage indicator, that will let you know how much of battery it contains, even though I did notice that when it reach to 30% it still manage to charge my mobile device in full after being completely drained. However, I was unable to try the jump start feature because I had just bought a new battery for my car, before receiving this device. I will definitely update more on this product as soon as I have a family or friend in need of a jump start for their car battery. Another feature that I found it pretty useful is the LED light located behind of the battery charger device. This will allow you to work in areas where you have less lighting, plus it has an SOS flashing function that can be use for on the road emergency.

http://www.neliasproductreview.com/1byone-multi-function-smart-portable-car-jump-starter-review/During the beginning of the summer vacations, this device came in pretty handy during our traveling. We were able to charge the boys tablets and our cell phones without the need of carrying with so many charging cables. The Multi-Function Smart Portable Car Jump Starter is capable of charging 2 leapfrog tablets & 2 fully drained cell phones, and leaving still 15% of battery for reserve in case of needing it.


  • Powerful jump starter to safely jump start a dead battery in seconds. Supports fast charging. Low self-discharge. Up to 1000 cycles.
  • Help car start by a simple clip and no need to disconnect the original car battery.
  • Portable, compact, lightweight design that will easily fit in your backpack, or glove box for convenience.
  • Offers spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection, which allows it to safely connect to any battery. Multiple safety design ensures jump starter is mistake-proof.
  • Built-in LED that functions as a flashlight and can send out SOS distress signals.
  • Charges mobile phones, portable video game systems, MP3 / MP4 players, PDAs, notebooks, car refrigerators and other compatible appliances.

Overall, I highly recommend buying the Multi-Function Smart Portable Car Jump Starter which makes it a great device to have with you during your road trips.

If interested on purchasing the Multi-Function Smart Portable Car Jump Starter by 1byone, this is available at Amazon.

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