EmaxDesign 12pcs Rose Pattern Brush Set Review

These 12pcs Rose Pattern brush set by EmaxDesign are simply beautiful. They come inside a nice thick vinyl flowered roll, with 2 strong magnetic snap – making it easy to access while keeping them all clean and organize. Perfect case bag for traveling or daily use. The set comes with everything you need when applying your makeup or whenever you need to retouch it.




The hairs of the brushes are really soft and the handle feels pretty sturdy and well attached. They have a nice shimmer pearl coat on the handle. I didn’t experience none of the handles loose or moving around in the metal connectors. When it comes to the brushes hair they are held securely and no hair came off while using them. When it comes to application process, the makeup holdup really good on these brushes and went on smooth on the skin. I love the fact that the lipstick comes with a cap, because you don’t see that on other affordable brush sets.

Set Contains:
1. Sponge Eye Shadow Brush
2. Eyelash Brush
3. Fine Eyeliner Brush
4. Cap Lip
5. Oblique Head Eyebrow Brush
6. Small Eye Shadow Brush
7. Paint Sector
8. High Light Brush – Horsehair
9. Large Eye Shadow Brush – Horsehair
10. Foundation Brush
11. Oblique Head Blush Brush – Goat Hair
12. Loose Powder Brush – Goat Hair

Package included:
EmaxDesign 12 Pieces Makeup Brushes
1x EmaxDesign Rose Pattern Case
1x EmaxDesign Product Manual

How to clean EmaxDesign brushes:
1. Run the bristles of the brush under warm running water.
2. Apply a small amount of gentle shampoo to the bristles and work into a light lather.
3. Rinse the bristles thoroughly under running water. You will notice that the water leaving the brush is tinted from old makeup.
4. Continue rinsing until no color remains on the brush.
5. Allow the brush to air-dry.

Overall, I highly recommend the use of these brush sets. However if you’re sensitive to the smell of vinyl, I will inform you that the case does have that particular smell of unopened packaging. Although after a few hours of airing it out, the scent will completely fade away.

If interested on purchasing the EmaxDesign 12pcs Rose Pattern Brush Set by EmaxDesign, this is available at Amazon.



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