Cocktail Shaker Set with Luxury Bag by Shikshook Cocktail Shaker set is a 25 oz stainless steel container that comes inside a Luxurious velvet bag, Double Jigger of a 1oz and 1/2oz, 2 Pourers and a bonus Ebook that has 100 cocktail recipes making this the perfect gift.

I found the Premium Cocktail Shaker Set by SHIKSHOOK to be a very basic design that is perfect for someone who is just starting to learn to mix their drinks. On the side of the box, it comes with a selection of 3 recipes: The Monkey Gland, Bramble & Mimosa. The stainless steel is very sturdy and seems durable enough to withstand rough conditions for years. When using the liquor pour, I was able to notice how snuggle it fit to the bottle. I enjoy using them because it avoids having your drink drip on the side of the bottle. pour is very convenient when pouring your drink into the shot measure, without having to worry about spilling your drink. The lid seals pretty tight and can be removed easily as well. The shaker does get cold, which is normal and I didn’t experience any leaks while shaking my drink. Another feature that I liked about the kit was the option to either use the drainer or simply just pour the entire drink along with the ice. I like  the fact that I can store everything inside the elegant velvet bag, allowing me to place it inside my purse whenever there’s a girls night gathering over family or friends house.
Image Credit: Shikshook

Overall, I highly recommend the Premium Cocktail Shaker Set to those who wish to have an easier way of mixing their drinks. It is a great item that will make a perfect gift for a friend, family member or even for a future bartender – making it a great starter kit for them.

If interested on purchasing the Premium Cocktail Shaker Set by SHIKSHOOK, this is available at  Amazon.


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