Set of 3 Premium Pacifier Cases with Sack by Purifyou Review

These Purifyou pacifier cases are very convenient when having to keep your baby’s pacifier, nipple & bottle rings from catching any dust. They come in 3 beautiful bright colors: blue, purple and pink. The white breathable mesh sack makes it easy to carry the 3 cases together and organized inside your baby’s bag or purse. These cases come with a carry loop which can be use to hang it from the stroller or your diaper bag for faster & easy access.

The Purifyou Premium Pacifier Case with Sack is very lightweight,  and I love how vivid the colors of these cases look – plus they have a semi-transparent lid allowing you to see what’s inside. It is made of strong & durable material. Other features I truly liked about these cases, is how well and strong they lock. The can hold up to 3 nipples inside as well, which it great for moms who have more than one baby too. I also notice that the cases have tiny hinges that are easily to remove. I enjoyed mix-n-matching the colors as well, giving it a more “unique” style to it.

If you allow your imagination run loss you will be able to find different use for these pacifier cases. I found them to be of great use to place any small travel size headsets, USB cable, bandages, alcohol pads, create your own emergency sewing kit with ( needles, mini thread, seam ripper & measuring tape ) and even my boys Nintendo games that were without a storage case were able to fit.

One last but very important thing that makes these cases worth having is that, all of them come with multiple ventilation holes to prevent buildup of moisture and bacteria and they are dishwasher safe and also FBA Free. I would have liked to see more colors such as the yellow, green and clear. Other than that, it’s an item worth buying.

Overall, I highly recommend these pacifier cases that will make a great baby shower gift or to mothers who have infants that wish to keep their pacifier or nipples clean.

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