The Single Arm Compression Sleeve by Quantro Compression Gear

While working as a housekeeper / laundry attendant for long period of hours from Monday – Saturday and sometimes I will work the 7 days of the week from 9am – 8pm I started to experience lots of elbow pain. This daily pain will cause me to even feel numbness on my entire right arm, avoiding me to lift the hotel mattress when making the beds or when vacuuming. This discomfort caused me to have pain while sleeping as well. The repetition caused inflammation around the elbow joint resulting of me developing lateral epicondylitis ( tendinitis ) . Quantro Compression Gear provides great support around the elbow area, the thick spandex material feels good around the upper arm and below the elbow. I have not experienced it getting loose nor have I felt any tightness around the area. Instead, I found it to be extremely comfortable. I’ve been using it for 4 days already, and it has honestly helped ease any discomfort during my daily work.

One of the details I was able to notice as well, is that the sleeve can only be worn a certain way. The area of the elbow is less thicker than the rest of the arm sleeve, you can notice it based on the pattern it has. I like the fact that I can sleep with it on, without feeling any discomfort whatsoever.

Overall, I truly recommend this elbow compression sleeve to whoever is looking for relief to their tendonitis, severe rheumatoid arthritis or any other severe condition on their elbow joint.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the brace at work?

Wear it especially all the time at work. Do what your body tells you. If you feel you need it, use it. If not, take it. Using the sleeve for a period of time and then taking of is strongly recommended. A great use at work is if you are working at a desk, especially on a computer.

How do I wash the sleeve?

It is highly recommended, that you hand or machine wash in cold water or temperature not more than 86F or 30 Degrees Celsius, with washing powder or detergent. Do NOT Bleach,Tumble Dry, Iron or Dry Clean. Dry as you would dry clothes outside. Read washing symbols tags here

What if I put the sleeve on and starts itching?

We have tested the sleeve on Caucasian, Black and Asian. They have reported no skin irritation. However, everybody’s body is different. If you experience any skin irritation, we recommend washing with fabric softener as per washing instructions above. If you are not prepared to that, simply return. If the problem still persists, try washing another 1-2 times with fabric softener. Simply return if it is still causing your skin to itch. At Quantro, we want to add value to your life, not cause you discomfort. We do not deserve your money, if we have not added value to your life.

If interested on purchasing the Single Arm Compression Sleeve by Quantro Compression Gear , this is available at Amazon.


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