The Mountain Made Headband – Review

Once I received the Mountain Made Headband, I notice that the headband was small and for some reason I knew it wasn’t going to fit my husband’s head. My main reason for purchasing the headband was for my husband to use whenever he’s mowing the lawn, because he sweats a lot. Being that he wears glasses and can’t be without them, so the sweat goes into his eyes causing him to stop every time to dry up his face with a towel.


As you can notice in the photo, the size of the headband fits precise on my oldest son’s head, compares to his dad’s head. Over my husbands head, is more stretch and he said it felt uncomfortable and slightly tight. Plus, when wearing his glasses along with the headband, this will cause the back part of his ear to hurt because of the headband pressing against it. I end up giving it to my son to use whenever he goes running.

When it comes to the entire headband itself, I like the texture of it. I found it it be pretty soft and thick – the knitting is well done as well. It appears that it can uphold sweat pretty good, but I will need to update that information as soon as I notice my son sweating. The headband embroidery letters and the seam of the fabric is well made, making it both strong and durable. Plus they come in a beautiful variety of 5 colors, giving you a better selection.

Although it states that one size fits both adults and children, this may vary based on the person’s head – and if you don’t like feeling nothing tight, this may not work for you. Do keep in mind, being that its elastic and with continued use of the headband this will stretch – fitting slightly looser afterwards.

If interested on purchasing the Mountain Made Headband, this is available at Amazon.


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