Dr JK- Heel Pads and Heel Grips PedPal Kit Review

I’ve been using the DR JK Heel Pads and Heel Grips PedPal Kit for a month now, and based on my experience from the entire kit the only ones I truly liked were the gel and fabric heel grips. I placed them on my favorite pair of heels. One of my heel shoes fits a little bit wide, and it will cause my skin to get irritate. So with the fabric heel ones, it helps to fill that empty space. On the other pair of heels, the friction of the material while walking will cause me some nasty and painful blisters. Even though it was more on the right feet than the left one – the gel has helped a lot.


The least favorite were the gel heel cups because they would curve-in when wearing them with different pair of shoes. The material will scrape my skin causing me discomfort while walking. The other one, was the blue gel heel cushions. Although, they do provide my heel to be level a little bit, it felt awkward when using them with my boots.


The sensation of them moving slightly forward while walking, especially if I were to walk fast cause me to put more pressure on my heels just to avoid them to shift forward. I also notice that, if you switch them from position, it will be the posture that your feet will obtain. That was really uncomfortable for me – because they are made more for people who suffer from pronation or supination foot. I gave them to my mother, who suffer from pronation foot. She found them to be comfortable, and notice that it helped ease the pain on her lower back and right knee as well.

Overall, the pieces that came with this kit are good, but when it comes to the gel heel cup, that will need some improvement on the upper edge, that ends up curving after placing it inside the shoe.

If interested on purchasing the DR JK Heel Pads and Heel Grips PedPal Kit , this is available at Amazon.


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