The Mamaway Nano Bamboo Postnatal Recovery & Support Belly Band – Review
When it comes to achieving the best results for postnatal recovery, it is recommended to use some sort of support belly band. I personally never had the opportunity to wear one after giving birth – plus I was never told to wear one neither. The Mamaway is designed to be worn immediately after birth especially if you have had a c-section. So, after giving birth to my two boys, the oldest 7 and the other 4 now. Both pregnancy were cesarean, leaving me with excess baggage along with lower back pain.

This support belly band was something I was always looking into buying after giving birth to my first child, to obtain that back support while breastfeeding or carrying my baby due to the c-section.

When I first saw the Mamaway Postnatal Recovery & Support Belly Band I was surprise how the entire band was made and felt while wearing it. The light and breathable material is made out of 12% polyester, 48% nylon, 20% bamboo charcoal and 20% Rubber – is something new to me when it comes to any belly band. What also surprised me was the two compression sub belts that helps to reinforce the area as well. reason why makes me like this Mamaway belly band is for it’s both high quality and durable construction which helps to maintain the shape of the band at default shape despite how many hours you had it on. One of the details I notice, was how secure it feels while being comfortably tight without having the band shifting from place and helping to keep your posture straight. My height is 5’4″ and I was able to sit, bend over without having the band going above my breast. Plus my skin never felt sweaty nor did the support band appeared wet after removing it.

Overall, I am really pleased with the product and how well it has helped me. I will highly recommend it, and will purchase one and give it out as a baby shower gift to a friend – soon to be mom.

If interested on purchasing the Mamaway Nano Bamboo Postnatal Recovery & Support Belly Band, this is available at Amazon.


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