Soyan: 3D Printing Pen for Doodling, Art & Craft Making, 3D Modeling and Education – Review
If your looking into expanding your creativity or your childs, the Soyan 3D Printing Pen for Doodling is a great tool to do so. The package includes: 3D printing pen, power adapter, quick start guide and a 30g ABS filament to start experimenting. I found this pen to be very easy and simple to use and with a wide imagination you can go beyond your expectations. When I first attempt using the pen, I got over excited and released to much of the filament – until I learned how to control the speed and movement of my hand.

One of the things I notice about this pen, with the double vent -this allow for the pen not to get overheated causing you to feel the entire pen hot. After a few minutes of use, I touched the tip of the pen and didn’t find it to be extremely hot., do be cautious when having young kids using this pen because the tip will eventually get hotter than when I got to feel it. The filament that the product comes with, is enough to allow you to create small projects. it comes to larger projects I do recommend buying a larger roll of filament which comes in a selection of beautiful colors. The printing pens also come in a selection of 4 colors to pick from as well., I highly recommend this pen for any adult and children to use, both for fun and education purpose. It will be an awesome pen to give as a gift for those who have some background experience in architecture as well. You can also print out some layout designs and trace over them with the pen, making it easier to use and manipulate.

If interested on purchasing the  Soyan 3D Printing Pen for Doodling, Art & Craft Making, 3D Modeling and Education , this is available at Amazon.


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