Goldenwide® Set of 18 Sizes 16'' (40cm) and 18 Sizes 24'' (60cm) Circular Bamboo Knitting Needles Set Kit – Review
If you’re a knitter or wish to get your first set of knitting needles to start your first project with, the Goldenwide set comes with a really good amount of needles. The set comes with different sizes and length. I’ll admit that they do feel soft as well. The size of each needles are engraved over the bamboo needle making it easier for any beginner to see when picking out the correct needle size in order to obtain the proper gauge they need for their projects. However, I did notice that a few of them were faded.

After going through the entire set I was able to find a couple of the needles damage. A few of the points of the needles are either broken on the edge – causing this to get caught on the yarn. Another detail I notice while using them, was the plastic attached to the needle on some size I will experience them coming out or my working project getting caught, which I end up having to frog the started sample piece. I believe, this is due to the loss of glue. I will also add, that they also have a pretty strong mixer smell of plastic, bamboo and wood primer.

You can either wipe clean them with some alcohol, water with soap or simple just let them get aired out for a few hours – that will help it from smelling strong.

Overall, I find them to be a good starter set for the price – plus you get a good amount of needles.

If interested on purchasing the Goldenwide® Set of 18 Sizes 16” (40cm) and 18 Sizes 24” (60cm) Circular Bamboo Knitting Needles Set Kit, this is available at Amazon.


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