Monopoly Junior Board Game – Review

This is a great introduction to Monopoly for kids and the best part of it all, it won’t take up an entire day to finish! The board game comes with only four pieces to choose from – making it great for kids that have a tough time making decision.

The pieces are also easy for a child to hold. It also comes only with one dice and one set of chance card – instead of two like the original board game. When it comes to the money, more simple it couldn’t be. They come in all ones and when it comes to purchasing a property, it only costs a few dollars. The game makes it easy for even the youngest player to count out the cash.

It is a much simpler version of the regular monopoly. All the locations are places a child relates to like pizza parlor, library, toy store, and so on. I’ve noticed that, while playing the game, both my boys ( ages 5 & 7) have learned a few math skills. However, I was expecting the game to come with $2 and $5 bills so they can engage more when it comes to learning on giving and receiving change.

Overall, it’s a great game that the family can play together, plus theĀ game ends quickly with two or three people playing.

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